Nasiru AbdulrasheedCountry: Nigeria
Email: neabdulrasheedPhone: +2349091609334
About Me
I am Nasiru Abdulrasheed, a passionate journalist, tech enthusiast, and entrepreneur. With 3 years of journalistic experience, I’ve delved into the intricate world of truth-seeking, storytelling, and societal impact. My journey has been shaped by the threads of technology (Writing about AI, Web3 and IOT), politics (Focusing on Geopolitics, Elections, Climate Change, and Conflict), and entrepreneurship (Appraising Billionaires, CEOs, Startups, Wealth and Lifestyles).
Journalistic & Community Management Endeavours
I founded Forsige in 2020, driven by the belief that Africa needs a continental media platform. Our mission is to disseminate information that enlightens and educates the population. Forsige aims to be a catalyst for positive change, shedding light on critical issues and fostering informed discussions.
Social Media Growth: I have passionately and meticulously grown our social media accounts. On Facebook (Forsige, Forsige Breaking News), we have surpassed 10,000 followers, creating a vibrant community. Our Instagram (Forsige Breaking News, Forsige) and TikTok accounts have also flourished, reaching over 1,500 and 2,000 followers, respectively. Our Telegram channel boasts over 500 subscribers, while our YouTube and Twitter (Forsige, Forsige Breaking News) accounts each have over 1,200 followers. These achievements are a testament to our engaging content and consistent interaction with our audience.
SEO Optimization: I have focused on improving our website’s SEO, which has successfully increased our search engine traffic to over 30% of our overall website traffic.
Email Marketing: By leveraging HubSpot for email marketing, I have significantly boosted our website traffic, connecting with our audience through targeted and impactful campaigns.
Community Engagement: I established the Forsige Community WhatsApp group, which now features over 3,000 members. Here, we constantly share updates and foster active discussions about the developments of Forsige.com and other things we are working on.
TrimFeed (formerly BNN)
As a journalist for TrimFeed (formerly BNN), I have written numerous articles covering Web3, Politics, Climate Change, and Startups, proving my deep understanding of the news as it happens. My articles have been featured on Wikipedia, MSN and other prominent platforms. I have covered elections in various countries, including Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Nigeria, United Kingdom, United States, Niger, Brazil, and more.
Key Skills:
Content Creation and Editing: Known for my ability to create engaging content that triggers reactions and fosters engagement.
Global Election Coverage: Extensive experience in reporting on global politics, conflicts and elections across different regions.
Financial Writing: Proficient in writing about complex financial topics within the Technology, Web3 and cryptocurrency spaces.
Interview Experience: Conducted interviews with over 10 individuals, enhancing my ability to communicate fluently in English and maintain an engaging and professional tone during discussions.
As a Community Manager at Qlute, I managed multiple channels, providing valuable financial investment signals and facilitating educational programs:
Telegram Channel Management: Delivered high-quality financial investment signals related to stock markets and cryptocurrency trading including Meme Coins, Alt Coins, Airdrops, ICO, Stablecoins, Liquidity Mining, DeFi Tokens, and P2P Trading.
Facebook Group Management: I have created and managed a tech-related Facebook group, Bloggers Connect, growing it to over 55,000 users. Additionally, I started an Elon Musk community group to engage with Forsige articles related to Elon Musk, Tesla, SpaceX, and his other companies, which has grown to over 150,000 members—all in less than two years.
Discord Channel Management: Managed channels for a web design class and a mini importation master class with over 20,000 participants. I also published a short descriptive guide on the Mini Importation on Amazan KDP.
Ensured active participation and high engagement levels through regular updates and resource sharing.
Provided ongoing support and resolved queries to maintain a positive learning environment.
Despite my short tenure at HiredRemote, I made significant contributions:
Web Portal Management: Efficiently managed the job portal for job seekers and employers, responded to emails, and handled CVs.
Social Media Growth: Created daily graphics and posts for social media, growing our Twitter account to over 1,700 followers in just three weeks.
Increased Engagement: Our increased social media activity led to a surge in communications across various platforms, resulting in a high volume of work and interactions.
Personal Social Media Growth
Currently, I am growing my personal accounts under the tag @neabdulrasheed across various social media platforms including Truth Social and Threads:
X (formerly Twitter): Over 2,500 followers
TikTok: Over 1,000 followers
Telegram: Over 200 subscribers
Instagram: Over 1,000 followers
LinkedIn: Over 500 connections
YouTube: Over 1,100 subscribers
Facebook: Just starting out; with around 10 followers on my page and over 5000 on account
GOAL: In the next few years, I aspire to continue growing my personal accounts to even greater numbers and assist many companies in achieving similar growth. My experience and passion for social media management and community engagement drive me to constantly explore new strategies and techniques for digital success.
Personal Interests
My personal life is shaped by philosophical and intellectual enhancement. I have dedicated my free time to exploring literature and issues that could shape my understanding of the world beyond how it appears to me. I also write books, which give me the freedom to pour down my thoughts and feelings as they come. Aside from that, I love everything technology-related.
Technical Skills:
WordPress Development: Proficient in using WP Bakery, Elementor, Beaver Page Builder, and DIVI for website design.
Basic HTML and CSS Skills: Experienced in basic HTML & CSS.
Flutter Dart: Have explored Flutter Dart a couple of times, expanding my technological capabilities.
Contact Information
Email: contact@neabdulrasheed.com or neabdulrasheed@gmail.com
Social Media: @neabdulrasheed (X, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Truth Social, Threads, Telegram, Medium, Quora etc.)
Feel free to connect with me, and let’s continue shaping narratives and impacting lives!