Today Is My Birthday… And ‘Time to fix everything’

Oh no, not again… I stand at the precipice of a new chapter defined by time.

Reflection on Values: No doubt, the years behind me have been kind—a tapestry woven with threads of learning, growth, and resilience.

But now, as the calendar turns, I face a pivotal moment: a juncture where preparation meets action, where dreams crystallize into reality.

“It is time to fix everything,” I whispered to myself last night—the words echoing through the chambers of my heart. The future beckons and I know that mere intentions won’t suffice. The blueprint lies before me—a roadmap etched with sweat, sacrifice, and unwavering determination. No way!

I reflect on my purpose—the North Star guiding my endeavours. I envision a world transformed by my contributions, where everything I have started intersects to illuminate truth and empower communities.

The path ahead won’t be smooth; it will be strewn with obstacles. But I embrace the pain—the chisel that sculpts character, the forge that tempers resolve. Each challenge becomes an opportunity to mend what’s broken, to build anew.

My workbench awaits—the canvas for my ideas, the anvil for my aspirations. Here, I’ll mend fractured narratives, solder connections, and recalibrate perspectives. The tools? Perseverance, empathy, and an unyielding commitment to truth and hard work. “It is time to fix everything.”

I understand that time isn’t a passive companion; it’s an alchemist. It transforms raw moments into memories, and potential into impact. Today, I pour intention into the crucible, knowing that tomorrow’s gold emerges from today’s sweat.

I have shared a video on my YouTube—I spoke candidly about the future. My eyes held both trepidation and anticipation. I must remember those words: “The future is a canvas, waiting for our strokes.”

And so, I, Nasiru Eneji Abdulrasheed, armed with wisdom and fueled by purpose, step into this new year. The pain will be the chisel, the effort the brushstroke. But the masterpiece—the one that mends, inspires, and shapes—is mine to create.

More than ever, I want to do everything now. Everything, as fast as we can.

Nasiru Abdulrasheed
Nasiru Abdulrasheed

A Political Scientist and Tech-Journalism entrepreneur.

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